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Running Pecan and Hickory on Moulder

"You turned a bad week into a good week! I received Biolube GPX Wednesday at 5 pm and was so excited to try it that I went straight into the plant and drained our standard bed lube to add it after closing at 5 pm). I then commenced to running pecan and hickory that was giving my operators and I fits on getting any production because of all the stopping to free lumber that was sticking. I ran the same items and species that kept getting stuck hours before receiving your product and my day and week had been saved. I ran the moulder at 45 FTM without any problems. She purred while the finished material kept coming out the other end free of any machine defects. To some it all up, your product at present will increase my production 20%-30%, (Depending on species and seasons). I can't wait to try your other products."

Francis Todd Elder, Production Manager of Deano Hardwoods, LLC.

Tremendous Results

"We have seen tremendous results using Biolube's Spray System and Lubie Lubricants. We have installed the system on all of our saws."

Danny Wilson of West Plains Resaw

Running Cooler with Less Repair

"Since 2001 we have installed 4 Lubie spray systems on our head saws and horizontal band saws and use Lubie lube in all of them. According to our records, we have spent less than $100 in repair parts in 14 years. Lubie systems are really reliable and help improve the productivity of our mill. Lubie lube reduces resin build-up on our bands, keeps them running cooler, reduces gullet cracking and decreases snaking."

Russ Willenborg of Willenborg Lumber, Effingham, IL

We Have Tested Everything

"We have been using Biolube's Lubie 200 moulder bed lube in our Weinig moulders and on planers since the late 1990's. We have tested everything, Lubie 200 works the best and is the most cost effective."

Roy Rentschler, President of Indiana Dimensions Inc. Logansport IN

Lubie Grinding Coolants Last the Longest

"We not only sell Lubie products, which work great for our customers, but in our 3 steel knife grinders we use Lubie 312 and in our 10 carbide saw grinders we use Lubie 325. We have tried them all and Lubie grinding coolants last the longest, keep our wheels the cleanest and end up giving us the best grind at the lowest cost. Their customer service is super and they ship on time every time."

Barry, Brad & Brian Miller of Missoula Saw and Saw Performance, Missoula MT