Lubie Lubes are formulated for specific uses to meet your particular needs. No silicones or waxes are used in any of our products and most are free of toxic or hazardous chemicals and are biodegradable. Lubricants are available for both saw and moulder bed applications.

Saw Lubricants

Use the chart below to determine the best product for your needs. Click on lubricant name in the chart for product Safety Data sheet (SDS). Below the charts are descriptions of each product. Please note, data sheets are subject to change.

Oil Based

Oil based lubes are designed for unheated facilities that may freeze.
Lubie Cut 1 Lubie 2 Lubie 210 Lubie GP Lubie 7WG
Hardwood x x x x x
Softwood x x
Wide Band x x x x x
Narrow Band x x x x x
Gang Rip x x x x x
Finger Jointer x x x x x


Water Based Saw Lubricants

All water based lubes will freeze at 32 degrees.
Lubie 3ST Lubie 43 Lubie 4 Lubie 9
Hardwood x x x
Softwood x x x
Freezable x x x x
Diluteable x x x x
Wide Band x x
Narrow Band x x
Gang Rip x x x x
Finger Jointer x x x x


Moulder Bed Lubricants

Lubie 200 Lubie 200 LV Lubie GPX
Oil Based x x x
Hardwood x x
Softwood x

Technical Data

Lubie GP

Our best general purpose synthetic oil blend for most wood processing applications. Works best in Lubie Spray System and wick. Economical; over twice the lubricity of diesel. No odor, non-staining.

Lubie #2

A synthetic oil blended saw lubricant formulated for economy with more lubricating strength than diesel fuel and safe for spray systems.

Lubie 210 SPF Saw Lube

A new and unique synthetic oil blend formulated specifically to prevent softwood (SPF) pitch build up that will not get gummy or burn the blade. Designed to lubricate, cool, and retard resin and pitch build-up on band saw blades, circular saw blades, and other wood tooling. Additionally, it provides over twice the lubricating strength of diesel fuel. Low-cost, odorless, non-irritating to skin, nontoxic, environmentally friendly and does not contain silicones. Will not stain or discolor wood. Lubie 210 replaces diesel fuel in spray, drip, and wick systems. Mills using about 2 quarts per shift of 210 find the cost lower than diesel fuel while eliminating the fire hazard, personal safety, and odor problems of diesel.

Lubie 3ST

Water-based floropolymer and synthetic lubricant blend ideal for thin kerf saw blades, moulder and finger joint knives. Non flammable, biodegradable, no silicone, no odor, and no health hazard. Generally used in a spray system.

Lubie 43 Concentrate

A highly concentrated water-based floropolymer lubricant/coolant/cleaner generally diluted to a 10% solution with water that is very effective on all thin kerf circular saws, finger joint knives and molders knives. Lubie 43 is formulated to prevent heat and pitch build-up on thin kerf tooling, Customers report thin kerf saws do not over heat and distort and report that finger joint knives and molder tooling runs longer with less tear-out.

Lubie #4

Water-based softwood formula specifically for removing spruce, pine, and fir and resins on all wood processing equipment. Concentrated synthetic emulsion can be used straight or diluted with water.

Lubie #5

Water-based hardwood formula. Concentrated synthetic emulsion with extremely high lubricity and good cleaning ability. Non flammable, no silicone, no odor, biodegradable, and no health hazard.

Lubie #7-WG

A low cost, winter grade with cold weather flow characteristics. No health hazards.

Lubie #8

Synthetic blended oil lubricant designed for use on hardwoods and softwoods where saw performance is critical. The flash point is >400 degrees F, mild odor, no silicone, biodegradable and low health hazard.

Lubie #9

High performance concentrated water-based high-grade synthetic lubricant for both hardwood and softwood sawing. Designed to be diluted with water for economy. Non-flammable, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, with a mild pine odor. Ideally suited for heated pallet shops cutting all species.

Lubie #200

A moulder bed lubricant; a blended odorless, fast-evaporating formulation of synthetic lubricants. Choose from three different viscosities.

Lubie GPX

A bed lube for cedar. A unique blended formulation of synthetic lubricants in a fast evaporating solvent carrier. Formulated to reduce friction, decrease heat and prevent wood resin build-up on moulder beds, planer beds and other wood transfer equipment. Lubie GPX dries very quickly, leaving a durable lubricating film on the bed. Wood staining, painting, laminating and other finishing operations generally are not affected because there is no silicon, grease or wax used in the formulation. Designed for use in automatic, semi-automatic and manual bed injector systems. The very low viscosity allows it to also be used in spray bottles.